Thursday, February 19, 2009


The humans have left me to fend for myself...again.

They've both been using those clicky screeny thingy's a fair bit this week, and have left me to lie on the female's nightdress under their bed.

I know it seems like this is in fact how I ask to be treated, but srsly, a kitty shouldn't have to put up with such incredibly poor performance from her slaves.

So here I am on the clicky screeny thingy myself now that they've gone to bed.

Don't they know that if I seem to be asking to be left alone, I really want them to play with me, and if I come asking to be played with, I really want food, and if I purr loudly around the food bowl, it's because I really just want them to get up off their fat behinds and pay me some attention momentarily...before I head back to the bed again. No matter how many times I click my claws at them (especially the female one), she just doesn't seem to get it quite right.

I know I sound like a broken record with all this. Which is funny, since I have no idea what a broken record is. I'm just going to have to head back to bed...again...after all, a kitty needs her beauty cutey rest.


Tam said...

poor kitty! do you need to come to aunt tams house?

Queen Maebh said...

I might have to srsly consider that offer, Aunt Tam.

I will get back to you next time the humans go out. Make it soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh Maebh you are a beautiful kitty...and a great blogger....

I am so adding you to my hopefully you can write again soon....when your humans go out :)